Why we should wear Chikankari embroidered outfits !!!!

The most recent trend these days is the trend of Chikankari garments. Chikankari is an embroidered craft that is known for its sheer excellence of skill and play of textures. Chikankari is a surreal infusion of transparency and opacity. It is known for its delicacy, evenness, minuteness and even for its subtle appearance. Chikankari in itself is a piece of historic art and culture, but India being a land of variety has many other techniques and handicraft art forms too. Just like our welcoming and accepting land of culture. Chikankari too accepts and adorns various such skilled art forms within it embodying the actual meaning of emancipation.

Armed with a variety of add-ons and keeping intact its traditional charm, the art of Chikankari continues to scale new heights with the inclusion of a sea of Organza Chikankari suits online and now, its innovative designs and silky texture has become the first choice of online users while Organza Chikankari suits online. Chikankari has its lovers all around the globe and it is a much in-demand, loved and appreciated art forms of India. In today’s time when people are short on time there is a huge demand for buying Chikankari kurtis online.

Threaded Affair has a breathtakingly amazing range if you are still confused from where to buy Chikankari Sari online or a one-stop shop to buy Chikankari kurtis online. You can get a piece of handmade threaded treasure to cherish when you place an order to buy Chikankari Kurti or to buy Chikankari saree online with our website.

With evolution of fashion trends, fashion has become metonym of Style and comfort. The revival of Chikankari can be credited to the expansion of Chikankari universe, covering all fabric types under its sky but still managing to keep the elegance and resplendency intact of Chikankari. Threaded Affair is a humble attempt to joins the missing dots between recent fashion trends and age-old heritage of Chikankari.

Chikankari Kurti and Chikankari sarees are not just a piece of fabric but the dreams and ideology of an artisan who puts hours of his imagination; sprinkling each knot with hope and skill passed as an heirloom from ancient times. Each time you decide to press the ‘Buy’ button while shopping for Chikankari Kurti or while you buy Chikankari sarees not only are you providing a character to your wardrobe but the ease with which Chikankari Kurti can be fused with any of your look is exemplary. Chikankari Kurti and Chikankari sarees has become the first choice of every celebrity owing to the plethora of opulence and unmatched grace it offers. Each time you buy Chikankari Kurti from Threaded Affair you get to take home a unique piece of clothing along with the opportunity to showcase the artistic grandeur of an artisan. You can choose Chikankari Kurti from our Asvi Collection, Mahira Collection or Nia collection to team up with bottom wear from Nupur collection to ingest subtle nobility in each of your look.

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