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“Threaded Affair’ symbolizes freshness, growth and eco-life; we proudly extend this conviction in all our collections. We deal with the tasteful, refined, majestic and royal ‘Chikankari ‘ work which is a cultural heritage in itself with hundreds of years of history and refinement only to be infused seamlessly in on-going trends. Owning and styling each piece will make you feel regal and will teleport you to the royal times. “Threaded Affair’ also deals in Block-printed ethnic garments including Bagru print, Batik print and Ajrakh print. Block printed garments are the exultant product and emblematizing of the ‘amalgamation of artistic heritage of various parts of the country. The beauty of Block-print lies in its distinction. As it is handmade each print and design is the sole of its kind representing the uniqueness of each soul that gravitate towards it and make it a part of their life.



Nargis Collection

Nargis Collection: Drape seven yards of sheer elegance and class carrying the legacy of Indian tradition on your shoulders.

Saris are the embodiment of grace and style in itself they are the symbol of substance in Indian tradition. These are the only pieces of fabric that are not bound by the shackles of ea, age and time. Saris are timeless classics and a trend in iteelf Nargis Collection isa treasure filled with gems of Chikankart and Handblock printed saris. Each piece is handmade and hence is distinct from the other. Each sari in Nargis collection i tale of elegance and charm in itself wih astounding thread and hand-block printed work. We use fabrics lke Cotton, Pure silk, Georgette and pure georgette to breathe life into each masterpiece (Owning a sari from Nari Collection is like being in possession of an unmatched and singular piece of at. We are sure 1o kindle the spark of love for our Nargis Collection in the heart of every lady.

Elegance of White Chikankari

Elegance of White Chikankari

A white Chikankari kurta is a classic and elegant garment that showcases the beauty of Chikankari embroidery on a white fabric. The elegance of white Chikankari work lies in its delicate and intricate craftsmanship. Embroidering on white cloth provides a canvas that showcases the beauty of the stitches, patterns, and colors used in the embroidery. It allows for creativity, precision, and a timeless charm that can elevate any textile or garment into a work of art.

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