Conflating Hand-Block Print & Chikankari

There is always a Saree for every occasion, age group, style and choice. In today’s time when all of us are more inclined towards making organic and local choices, handmade garments are quickly garnering the much deserved attention and appreciation. Handmade fashion is versatile enough to transcend places and occasions.

Who would not love to make a masterpiece their own? In our artistically rich land there is heritage art on every corner of our map. Exploring the gems of crafty art is a must to-do while exploring a place. Bringing the regional heritage craftsmanship to your doorstep brings joys to us and the artisans who are the custodians of these heritage craft. The hand block printed Chikankari saree conflates the Royalty of Luckhnawi Chikankari and the traditionalistic subtleness of Hand Block printing. It is a representation of the divergence and rich heritage of our country to encompass two of the best Handicraft treasure of our country.

Driven by purpose and provenance Threaded Affair is a catalyst for change; we pay homage to the supreme craftsmanship of India by creating exquisite ensembles showcasing the skillful artistry. Emulsion of hand block and Chikankari is one of the best trends where you get to flaunt two of the most gracefully appealing artistic creativity with one enhancing the other providing textural swerve.

Each Motif of Chikankari is complemented by an equally unique and skillful hand block print. The earthiness of organic dyes, heritage hand block printing when fuses with finesse and subtle grandeur of Chikankari, the resultant creation is no less than pure magic and a sight to behold.

When Block printing techniques like Dabu, Bagru, Sanganeri, are combined with the magnificence of Chikankari like Ghaspatt, Dual Shaded Jaal, Pechni, Tepchi, Keel Kangan the saree becomes the perfect fit for any occasion from casual, formal to celebration. As each creation of nature is unique and beautiful in itself, our collection of Hand block Chikankari saree are crafted with a lot of forbearance each piece is a solitary creative belonging of the owner.

Bowl over everyone around you with the imperial opulence when you drape yourself in six yards of heritage handicraft. Style it up with antic jewelry or tone it done with a chic bun. Transform yourself into the epitome of refinement and eminence by carrying the smile and skill of an artisan on your shoulders. Pin up your doubts and buy Hand block printed Chikankari saree to exhibit yourself in truest of virtue. From selection of material to amalgamation of best Hand block print and delicate Chikankari, the process of turning a simple of cloth into a Chef D’oeuvre taking a lot of time as each block is hand printed and each thread is craftily embroidered into motifs for you to cherish it for years. Hand Block printed Chikankari saree will be your most picked attire owing to its comfort and standout beauty. The smile that you draped in our Hand Block printed Chikankari crosses the bounds of time and distance to reach us and the artisans who are the true creators of frolic and joy.

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