Hand-Block Printed Chanderi Cotton Chikankari Semi-Stitched Kurti Piece



Chikankari work is a combination of many different embroidery stitches, flat, raised and knot stitches. In chikankari work some of the designs are worked from the back of the fabric and others from the front. The work begins with one or more pattern blocks that are used to block-print a pattern on the ground fabrics. Then, the Embroiderer (karigars) stitches the pattern with minute stitches. Finally, they remove all traces of the printed pattern by washing the embroidered cloth gently.

Do- Taar : Its done with 2 thread filaments, and an extremely premium form of hand embroidery in Chikankari legacy.

Hand Block Print: Hand block printing is one such technique, which involves carving a desired pattern or design on a wooden block, covering this block with ink or dye and then stamping it on the fabric. Fine prints of flowers, animals and several abstract designs; give an interesting face to a simple fabric.


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